Strategic Global Sourcing

Mazza Healthcare Strategic Global Sourcing

At Mazza Healthcare, our global sourcing mantra is simple: “Best Product, Best Price, Best Country” — and we simply deliver.

“Mazza Healthcare customers benefit from MHC’s longstanding supplier relationships.  With over 75 years experience sourcing medical products internationally, our executive management team excels at identifying and qualifying world class sources of supply.  Our diversification of product sources and our risk management plans ensure uninterrupted supply.  Mazza Healthcare ISO 13485 regulatory systems ensure consistent quality products at competitive prices, delivered on time.” -Michael Mazza, President

Mazza Healthcare’s Executive Management has over 75 years of international & domestic sourcing experience.

  • Experience in identifying/qualifying strategic sources of supply and ensuring patient safety.
  • Longstanding, strong manufacturing supplier relationships.
  • Diversification of product sources to ensure uninterrupted supply.
  • Risk management/contingency planning to prevent service disruption in the event of unanticipated and unavoidable circumstances.
  • “Nexus of Cost and Quality” (consistent high quality products at competitive prices, delivered on time).
  • Expertise in developing and implementing private label programs.
  • High Quality Products at competitive prices, delivered on time.