Needle Foam Products

MHC's non-sterile, custom foam products are manufactured for the kit-packing market. MHC's foam products are made from Minicel L200, a closed-cell chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam. Minicel is the solution for an array of medical and healthcare applications that require thicker foam.

One of the most common uses of Minicel foam is needle counters, due to the foam’s non-coring attributes, which allow for the temporary placement of needles. Needle foam blocks come available in round or square. The square foam block features an adhesive tab, enabling nurses to secure the foam block to any workspace in the operating room.

Foam syringe protectors keep glass syringes secure. ETO permeable.


03-200-00 Round Needle Foam Block, LF, Bulk 1,200Pcs/Cs
03-205-00 5cc Syringe Protector, LF, Bulk 3,000Pcs/Cs
03-210-00 10cc, Syringe Protector, LF, Bulk 400Pcs/Cs
03-220-00 Square Needle Foam Block, Adhesive Tab, LF, Bulk 7,000Pcs/Cs


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