Syringes – Glass

Made by one of Japan’s premier syringe manufacturers, our glass kit syringes feature a rounded Borosilicate glass barrel, offering outstanding heat, chemical, and wear resistance. Precision machining results in smooth drawing and injection.

Syringes are latex free, non-sterile, gamma stable and ETO permeable. Siliconized also offered.

Available in luer lock, metal slip tip, and glass tip.

Latex free


01-100-00 5cc Glass Tip w/Scale 500 pcs./carton
01-105-00 5cc Metal Slip Tip w/Scale 500 pcs./carton
01-110-00 5cc Metal Luer Lock Tip w/Scale 500 pcs./carton
01-115-00 10cc Glass Tip w/Scale 400 pcs./carton
01-120-00 10cc Metal Slip Tip 2/Scale 400 pcs./carton
01-125-00 10cc Metal Luer Lock Tip w/Scale 400 pcs./carton


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