Protective Gowns

Our isolation protective gowns are made of Spunbond, multi-layer fabric that provides a high level of fluid repellency. These gowns are breathable, flexible and strong; available in two weights that provide two levels of protection.
HCS isolation gowns feature a tape tab neck closure to allow for easy on and off, along with waist ties and elastic wrists.
The single layer, spunbound poly blend cover gowns feature neck and waist ties as well as elastic wristbands.
Our blue poly isolation gown is made from impervious polypropylene material. Thumb loops keep sleeves from sliding when donning gown. Waist ties keep gown in place while open-back style allows for air circulation.
Latex free


Cover Gown
HCS3000 Yellow, 25 gm, Spunbound, Large 50/Cs
HCS300XL Yellow, 25 gm, Spunbound, XLarge 50/Cs


Isolation Gown
HCS3003 Yellow, 22 gm, AAMI Lvl 1, Large 50/Cs
HCS3003XL Yellow, 22 gm, AAMI Lvl 1, XLarge 50/Cs
HCS3004 Yellow, 25 gm, AAMI Lvl 2, Large 50/Cs
HCS3004XL Yellow, 25 gm, AAMI Lvl 2, XLarge 50/Cs
HCS3001 Blue, AAMI Lvl 2, Large 100/CS
HCS3001XL Blue, AAMI Lvl 2, XLarge 100/CS
HCS3002U Blue, Impervious, Poly, Lvl 4, Universal 75/Cs


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