Wood Products

Our high quality wood products have several features that make them ideal for a variety of medical environments. These single use tongue depressors have a smooth finish and maintain high tensile strength. Ideal uses include splinting, oral, applying first aid treatments and stirring medications.

Available in a variety of sizes and packaging options, our single use applicators are a reliable choice for many wound care treatments and oral uses.

Sterile and non-sterile available.

Latex free



HCS1000 Cotton Tip 3″ Sterile (2pk) 100/Bx
HCS1001 DACRON Tip Applicator 6″ Plastic 100/Bx
HCS1002 Cotton Tip 6″ Sterile (2pk) 100/Bx
HCS1003 Cotton Tip 6″ Sterile (1pk) 100/Bx
HCS1004 Cotton Tip 3″ NS (100pk) 10/Bx
HCS1005 Cotton Tip 6″ NS (100pk) 10/Bx
HCS1006 Applicator Sticks Wood 6″ NS 1000/Bx
HCS1007 Proctoswab Rayon Tip 8″ NS 50/Bx
HCS1008 Proctoswab Rayon Tip 16″ NS 100/Bx
HCS2004 Tongue Depressor Junior, 5 1/2″ NS 500/Bx
HCS2001 Tongue Depressor Junior, 5 1/2″ Sterile 100/Bx
HCS2002 Tongue Depressor, 6″ NS 500/Bx
HCS2000 Tongue Depressor, 6″ Sterile 100/Bx


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