Made with a latex-free material, these l”xl8″ tourniquets are safe for use on any patient.

Our disposable tourniquets are available in either smooth or textured finishes and come in three colors: blue, orange, and pink.

Slip resistant for the safety that you want, with the proven strength and durability that you need.

Latex free

Tourniquets come in 4 bags/case.




HCS5000 Bulk, Textured 1″x18″, Orange 250/Bg
HCS5000P Bulk, Textured 1″x18″, Pink 250/Bg
HCS5001 Bulk, Smooth 1″x18″, Blue 250/Bx
HCS5003 Rolled/Banded, Textured 1″x18″, Blue 100/Bg
HCS5003A Bulk, Textured 1″x18″, Blue 250/Bx
HCS5004 Boxed, Perforated, Textured 1″x18″, Blue 25/Bx
HCS5005 Rolled/Banded, Textured 1″x18″, Orange 100/Bx
HCS500P Tourniquet Textured, 1″x18″, Hot Pink Latex Free 250/Bg


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