Blood Pressure Unit – Standard

A metallic green, calibrated cuff with velcro hook and loop closure provides a quick and comfortable fit for your patient.
The inflation bladder is constructed of a latex free, polyurethane material and has a propriety sealing process; insuring durability. The Aneroid gauge is accurate to +/- 3mmHg with a standard air release valve.
All units come with a 20-year calibration warranty and a 1-year inflation system warranty.
Latex free


HCS9005LF Adult, Metallic Green Each
HCS9006LF Adult, Large, Metallic Green Each
HCS9007LF Child, Metallic Green Each
HCS9028LF Thigh, Metallic Green Each
HCS9008LF Cuff & Bladder, Adult, Nylon, Metallic Green Each
HCS9009LF Cuff & Bladder, Adult, Large, Metallic Green Each
HCS9010LF Cuff & Bladder, Child, Nylon, Metallic Green Each
HCS9029LF Cuff & Bladder, Thigh, Nylon, Metallic Green Each
HCS9013C Gauge Aneroid, Charcoal Gray Each


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