O.R. Towels and Lap Sponges Now at Mazza Healthcare

O.R. towels and Lap sponges at Mazza HealthcareMazza Healthcare adds two more high quality products to the HCS product line, the HCS O.R. Towel and Lap Sponge.

OR_towelsThe HCS O.R. Towel is the newest addition to the HCS product line.  These O.R. towels are seamed on all four sides in order to maintain durability during any surgical procedure.

The HCS O.R. towel has a generous size of 17’’ x 26’’. The towel manufactured from high quality 100% pure cotton, creates a natural feeling, resulting in less abrasion to wounds, and maximizing absorbency.

Our prewashed, sterile towels are available in white, blue, and green. These de-linted HCS O.R. towels come in packs of two, four, and six.

HCS also offers an x-ray detectable towel.

Lap_Sponge_1The HCS Lap Sponges are manufactured to exceed the customer expectations.  With their highly absorbent capabilities, these 100% cotton lap sponges come in two sizes;   4” x 18” and 18’’ x 18’’.

The HCS Lap Sponge includes a consistent cross stitching to minimize loose threads and linting. These tight woven, latex-free and x-ray detectable lap sponges are pre-washed and de-linted for problem free use.

Both the O.R. towels and Lap Sponges will be available for purchase from Mazza Healthcare in mid-May. For more information about the Mazza Healthcare product line, visit www.mazzahealthcare.com or call 877-629-9242.

About Mazza Healthcare

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