Organizational Strengths

Why Partner with Mazza Healthcare Medical Sourcing?

Strategic Advantages:

  • Commitment to providing products designed for patient safety and wellness.
  • Strategically aligned with Hospira quality care continuum and cost commitment.
  • Maximizing financial savings and risk transfer through product acquisition reductions (best product, best prices, best country).
  • Creating market brand recognition and enhancing competitiveness.
  • Innovative, value-driven models and solutions.
  • Development of risk management/contingency planning to prevent service interruptions.

Proactive, Forward Thinking:

  • Constantly vigilant for new sources of supply and new or improved health care solutions.
  • Focused on design and development of innovative new products.
  • Commitment to patient safety and wellness.
  • Commitment to environmental stewardship.

Tactical advantages in partnering with MHC:

  • Product Acquisition:
    – Leverage Mazza Healthcare’s strategic global sourcing expertise.
    – Product Realization Approval process, ensures consistent quality products.
    – “Substantial equivalency” with national brands at more affordable costs.
  • Post Product Acquisition:
    – Leverage MHC’s logistics/supply chain management and regulatory/quality expertise.
    – Customer service and clinical support through our dedicated account management team.

When you put it all together it’s easy to see why Mazza Healthcare is the choice of quality-conscious organizations.