Global Sourcing Services and more…


Mazza Healthcare promise of “Best Product, Best Price, Best Country” is supported by experience and expertise in five services:

• Strategic Global Sourcing

Find out why Mazza Healthcare continuously scans the globe as an industry leader to get you the highest quality product at the optimal price from the most advantageous place.

• Logistics and Supply Chain Management

See how Mazza Healthcare’s customized delivery and distribution programs are designed to meet your supply chain initiatives and reduce costs.

• Regulatory, Quality and Operations

Let Mazza Healthcare show you how our systems, processes and procedures are designed to provide the highest quality product that meet or exceed standards while insuring patient safety.

• Superior Customer Service and Support

See how Mazza Healthcare’s signature customer service and support excels through comprehensive product knowledge and quality-driven methods.

• Direct Import Program

If you want to develop a new product offering or boost your profit margins, Mazza Healthcare’s direct importing program is the answer.