Mazza Healthcare Leadership

The Mazza Healthcare Executive Management has over 75 years of international and domestic sourcing experience featuring:
  • Longstanding, strong manufacturing supplier relationships (Asia, India, Mexico, Europe).
  • Diversification of product sources to ensure uninterrupted supply.
  • Risk management/contingency planning to prevent service disruption in the event of unanticipated and unavoidable circumstances.
  • “Nexus of Cost and Quality” (consistent high quality products at competitive prices, delivered on time).
  • Innovative products and packaging.
  • Expertise in developing and implementing private label programs.
  • Experience in developing new or custom products with our offshore manufacturing partners.
  • Dedicated team in China to support the development and education of potential new sources of supply.

Our Team


Michael Mazza Mazza HealthcareMichael Mazza

Michael Mazza is recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry. Regarded as one of the most respected and knowledgeable experts in the field of international medical supply sourcing, Michael brings over 30 years of specific market experience and award-winning strategic methodologies in quality processes and products.


Executive Assistant

Sonja Nelson Mazza HealthcareSonja Nelson

As Executive Assistant, Sonja is responsible for overseeing office administration and organization as well as developing and updating customer presentations and business reviews, maintaining product information, and managing special projects.  She has many years of administrative experience as well as entrepreneurial experience and brings this knowledge and skill set with her to the benefit of Mazza Healthcare.


Vice President of Global Sourcing and Business Development

Marty Gahman

Marty Gahman of Mazza HealthcareMarty brings over 35 years of domestic and international sourcing and procurement experience  to MHC. His responsibilities include sourcing alternate manufacturers of current products as well as identifying and developing new products that will complement the current MHC product offering. Through his knowledge of the kit packing channel and appropriate quality systems, he has the ability to ensure that a product has the proper specifications and requirements to give MHC customers the best quality product. In addition, Marty is responsible for sales and service to Medical Kit Packers.

Accounting Manager

george_profile_04George Dulaj

George is the Accounting Manager for Mazza Healthcare.  With the ability to create and analyze financial statements he generates finance and operation related reports which assist in the Quality Control Departments.  George is in charge of the development of a customer/supplier orders along with operational software shipping, receiving, and inventory management.


Quality Control Manager

AmyOrrellProfileAmy Orrell

Amy is part of Mazza Healthcare’s commitment to providing customers with products and services that ensure patient safety and wellness.

A Quality Management System has been carefully developed and implemented which complies with the requirements of ISO 13485 and FDA Good Manufacturing Practice of Medical Devices (GMP).

Amy’s responsibilities include approving suppliers, communicating with domestic and international manufacturers for product specification development, quality plans and procedures, inspection criteria and employee training.

Her efforts to improve the Quality System is done through continual monitoring of all documentation and frequent internal auditing.

Controller / General Manager

Nick Mazza Mazza HealthcareNick Mazza

Nick’s responsibilities for Mazza Healthcare include acquiring and maintaining customer accounts, generating sales leads, and supporting and directing our marketing strategies. He assists all sales representatives in setting up meetings and negotiating contract deals with current MHC customers. Nick creates sales portfolio’s, reports, and flow charts for new and existing customers in order to help the customer achieve their sales goals. He also provides product training to customers in order to expand their knowledge on the HCS brand and MHC product offerings.  Nick’s previous experience with accounting and finance, helps MHC develop various global sourcing strategies and financial techniques to maintain the patient’s safety and wellness.

Warehouse Manager

Todd_ProfileTodd Faust

Todd is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Mazza Healthcare warehouse located in Bethlehem, PA. His responsibilities include receiving products, and processing and shipping orders while maintaining an accurate physical inventory. Todd is also responsible for performing quality inspections of all products processed through this facility so our customers can ensure patient safety and wellness.