Direct Import Program

Direct Import Program - Mazza Healthcare

Mazza Healthcare — Your Direct Import Program Partner

The Mazza Healthcare Direct Import Team has collectively over 30 years of strategic global sourcing experience; not only from the Pacific rim, but worldwide.

Our customers benefit from our experience and longstanding relationships with our off-shore partners, as we provide a stable platform for maximizing financial returns while minimizing risk.

We excel at identifying and qualifying manufacturing partners that meet our stringent ISO 13485 quality requirements. Additionally, our product sourcing and countries offer an integrated risk management plan ensuring an uninterrupted supply.

MHC’s talented and creative marketing team can assist your company in the design and development of a brand strategy, packing renditions, and marketing and literature support.

Mazza Healthcare’s Logistic/Supply Chain Management Advantages:

  • Customized delivery and distribution program.
  • Offshore pre-shipment inspections and quality testing conducted by Mazza Healthcare’s Quality Assurance Group.
  • Mazza Healthcare’s warehouses and inventory management system (IMS) will ensure orders are shipped complete within 24 hours.
  • Mazza Healthcare’s incoming inspection and testing protocols per ISO 13485/ASTM standards.
  • Mazza Healthcare handles all FDA and customs regulatory filings.
  • Customized safety stock programs; 99+% fill rate consistently achieved.

In the end, Mazza Healthcare provides a complete turn-key solution from our door to yours!